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Impressive Hotel Vanity Designs


Hotel vanities do not get the attention they deserve! Designers tend to focus and bring more attention to other areas of the guest room like the bed or TV area.


This type of vanity is the best! It takes the position of vanity and also moonlights as a workstation. This type of vanity is pretty common, however most hotel tend to cater the design to be more workstation focused, in turn lacking on the mirror aspect. Sometimes the mirror is a bit too far from the chair and it gets a little tough to utilize it for females putting on makeup but perfect for styling their hair. Be on the lookout for simplistic designs like the one pictured. No drawers, just a piece of materials with legs built in. It’s cost efficient and not to mention extremely easy to move around and rearrange if needed. Also, this means that the chair portion can be anything the designer wants. Comfortable, stylish and on brand is important, but the options are endless.

Vessel Sinks

Now we get into the bathroom vanities. High-end hotels are taking a step into creating a more stylish and appealing bathroom for guests. One addition to the bathroom vanity is the vessel sink. These are all the rage right now and typically tend to make a space look more posh and trendy. It’s also important to note that most vessel sinks allow for counter space in order for the sink to have stabilization. That means more room to set down toiletries and other personal care products.

Double Trouble

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to a vanity. This option is the best for a room meant for two or more people. Nothing is worse than three people needing to all brush their teeth, shave, etc. and there is only one sink! This also mean more mirror space too. It is safe to say that everyone has experienced the defeating task of getting ready in the bathroom with multiple people all trying to use the same vanity and mirror. It’s beyond frustrating and frankly, hotels are doing their best to accommodate and make the guest experience as seamless as possible.

Marble Galore

Marble is a trend that we hope does not leave any time soon. The metamorphic rock is known for bringing luxury, class, and style to any space. Paired with copper, marble can make any room feel as though you are walking into a castle! The photo above does a great job with the mirror and lighting included behind it. Most mirrors are typically flat on the wall and do not allow for the best lighting, especially in a hotel bathroom. This very sleek and elegant style is more than instagram worthy and will bring in guests simply to take a photo! Plus, the copper stool beneath the sink creates the simplicity of what is actually needed in the restroom. Although this is to be used for one person, there is ample counter space for all cosmetic needs.

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